Networks Resident Engineers Jobs

Networks Resident Engineers proactively support network products of an organization. They develop and maintain network products of clients, adopt a comprehensive approach to support and resolve issues of network products in order that they work efficiently with equipment of other vendors, this professional help in reducing downtime, bring down operational costs, and evaluate and enhance network performance, among others. They continuously monitor the network to improve performance and for protective maintenance. This job requires these engineers to work on-site and for long hours.

Networks Resident Engineers need to conduct information gathering workshops with clients to understand their existing network infrastructure and technical necessities of new network designs. They also need to know their network implementation, organizational structure, support processes, provide guidance for network design by understanding and developing solutions, and guide in implementation so that it meets design specifications and plan. Furthermore, they must test new designs, features, and functionality in a pre-production environment. They also implement and verify on the live network and test patches and fixes to operating software in order to confirm proper functionality on the live network. They resolve issues with equipment and network.

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