ISP Technician Job Description

ISP Technicians pull, scrap, and test copper and fiber cables. They undertake the entire range of services relating to improving base infrastructure, such as installing, removing, fixing, detecting, marking, and splicing equipment. They further perform various tasks relating to cabling, such as testing, laying, identifying faults, and performing maintenance.

Technicians also lay interior fiber cables following prevalent instructions, and they perform various tasks relating to fiber optic cables. They install and support cable management and support structures, undertake site surveys for infrastructure projects, and provide guidance during the course of any implementation. Technicians need to oversee the performance of equipment and identify problems. They also need to help clients operate equipment correctly.

Technicians need to establish both Point to Point and Point to Multipoint devices, evaluate and identify network issues, ascertain network system and requirements to provide the best solutions and coordinate with the other teams in the organization relating to the development and maintenance of the organization’s network.


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