Fiber Network Technician

At times, Fiber technicians work at a client designated location. They work in an array of buildings, from small to multi-story office buildings. Large telecom companies that provide highly specialized backbone network services often hire these technicians.Technicians add to existing cable lines. They execute maintenance on existing cable, along with evaluating and restoring older and out-of-service cables. Technicians perform other fixes as needed. Technicians also maintain and install network systems for secured lines and outline solutions for the issues that impair the normal operation of services.

Fiber Network Technicians are commonly hired by Telecommunications organizations that provide Internet and television services for personal and official uses. The Technicians fix new cable lines, both concealed below the ground and on telephone poles. They also perform the regular upkeep on existing fiber cables as well as assessment tests and refurbishing the old or malfunctioning cables. Fiber Network Technicians cut and splice fiber optic wires, trace challenging areas and execute other maintenances as required by the business. Technicians are also involved to set up and maintain network systems for private lines and fix solutions for any problems stopping the service from normal operations.

Technicians use fiber optic materials to connect customers to the Wide Area Network. They also set up router and telecom equipment and connect them to the client’s network.


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