Datacenter Deploy Technician Jobs

Datacenter Deploy Technician’s job description
The technician performs troubleshooting, carries out power cycles, removes failed components, and handles storage media. The candidate also undertakes installations of hardware rack/stack, testing, cable installations, and resolves issues using standard processes of data centers. They also help in moving and racking equipment. Technicians aid in the deployment of the data center physical infrastructure, such as NetDevices, Servers, Window Server OS/ Linux OS, and SANS, in addition to troubleshooting of physical hardware and assisting in replacing parts and components. The employee also configures and fixes issues related to operating systems on the client server.

Educational qualifications and other requirements of Datacenter Deploy Technicians
Technicians need to have a diploma or a high school degree in computer science, engineering or related discipline along with a certification in the system’s administration of Red Hat, Cisco, Microsoft or Juniper. Besides, they need to work in the field by doing manual work, such as lifting up to 50 pounds regularly and working at heights. They should able to work flexible hours and may have to attend work even on holidays. If they are ITIL certified and have reasonable working knowledge of physical IT infrastructures, including SANs, networking, and servers, it would be beneficial.

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